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McQ Scaffolding Ltd specialises in safety netting solutions for commercial and industrial buildings and construction sites. Safety netting represents the construction industry’s primary method of collective fall protection. It also holds status as the preferred form of fall arrest with the Health & Safety Executive for persons working at height. Our scaffolding company remains one of very few in the country to supply this netting with our scaffolding materials.


Located in Croydon, our scaffolding contractors undertake a significant amount of work in Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and the South West London region. However, with a reputation for excellence in every respect, we carry out scaffolding services throughout the South East.


Our safety netting installations protect workforces during construction work. They prevent serious injuries and lower fatalities by delivering the following benefits:


  • Safety netting allows workforces freedom of movement, unlike personal fall arrest equipment
  • They offer a collective method of protection for work and movement across an entire area
  • In the event of falls, safety netting reduces the suspension trauma of harnesses and offers a softer landing
  • Netting reduces the need for complicated rescues as the person who falls can easily climb out of the net


As with our scaffolding and crane hire services, we tailor every aspect of safety netting installations to suit your specific requirements. To discuss your needs and to receive a free, no-obligation quotation, speak to one of our scaffolding contractors on 07834 241 185.


Our scaffolding company helps to improve safety on every project!

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What is Safety Netting?


Safety netting, sometimes referred to as debris netting, optimises safety for anyone working at height. As such, it has become a highly popular feature embraced by the construction industry. In most cases, the netting itself consists of a high-density polythene (plastic). The design allows the netting to cover the entire scaffolding structure at hand, ensuring complete protection for the scaffold itself, the workers using it and pedestrians passing by below. This eliminates the risk of falling materials, tools and debris causing injury or a fatality.


Due to their mesh netting construction, as opposed to solid sheeting, safety nets allow continual air flow and excellent ventilation. In addition, safety netting also provides protection from large amounts of rain and wind. As such, our scaffolding contractors help to create a working environment in which your operatives can carry out their best work.


With a seemingly endless list of benefits, it’s no surprise that the supply and installation of safety netting remains one of the most popular services our scaffolding company provides in Croydon, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and the surrounding areas.


Some of the additional benefits of safety nets include:


  • Offers better safety and flexibility than traditional harness-and-line systems
  • Minimises hazards posed by the emission of construction dust during a project
  • Excellent safety protection for scaffolding systems from storms, theft and vandalism
  • Our scaffolding company creates custom netting to fit practically any scaffolding structure
  • Protects those working at height from falls and gives them greater confidence when moving around the site
  • Prevents materials such as rubble and debris, as well as tools, from falling and causing harm or damage to people and property below
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Safety Netting Installation


Whether in our hometown of Croydon, South West London locations such as Chelsea, Fulham and Kensington, or anywhere else across the South East, we can supply and install safety netting along with other scaffolding products or as an individual service. Regardless of the situation, our scaffolding contractors have the experience and training required to comply with current BS EN 1263 policies. We have FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) trained operatives to install and maintain all our safety systems.


McQ Scaffolding Ltd can quickly mount safety debris netting onto scaffolding along with fall safety nets and guardrail nets if needed. Like any reputable scaffolding company, we thoroughly inspect and test every inch of netting prior to installation.

Our personnel also have the expertise and equipment to provide safety tests and repairs. By performing efficient net repairs on site, we ensure our clients experience minimal downtime.

For more information about the supply and installation of safety netting in Croydon, South West London and across the South East, call 07834 241 185.

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