Scaffolding Contractors in Crawley using SMART Scaffolder Software

At McQ Scaffolding Ltd, we understand the importance of using tools and equipment to assist us when carrying out scaffolding, safety netting and crane services. This is why, our company regularly invests in the latest modern technology. In fact, we continue to stay ahead of competing scaffolding companies this way. Our scaffolding contractors also keep up-to-date with the latest industry advancements in order to deliver a premium service to our customers in Crawley, Surrey and the surrounding counties.


One of the key investments that our family-run scaffolding company made in recent years was in SMART Scaffolder technology. Find out more about this industry-leading technology below, and do not hesitate to contact our scaffolding contractors for more information.


SMART Scaffolder Technology


McQ Scaffolding Ltd is pleased to be one of the major scaffolding companies operating in the Crawley area, to have such extensive experience in SMART Scaffolder technology. Made in England, launched in 2008 and developed by world renowned engineering software company CADS, SMART Scaffolder provides scaffolding contractors with the ability to model accurate designs, produce drawings, create material lists and much more. The software it uses is regularly updated to ensure all scaffolding systems meet current TG20:13 standards.


SMART scaffolder software is beneficial to scaffolding companies for a number of reasons:


  • Clear and accurate site layouts, building plans, scaffold designs (2D and 3D plans)
  • Easy to share plans and designs with customers or other collaborating contractors
  • Increased efficiency and organisation – projects completed on time and in budget
  • Fast and easy access to data with SMART Scaffolder inspection smart phone app
  • Latest industry policies can be accessed and used for scaffolding services
  • Ensures safer scaffolding and 100% compliancy with TG20:13 standards


In addition to scaffolding companies’ seeing better efficiency, we have noticed our customers also reaping the benefits of SMART Scaffolder software. From receiving more accurate estimates to helping their projects run faster and more smoothly, the advantages are truly endless for our domestic, commercial and industrial customers in the South East!


What We Do


At McQ Scaffolding Ltd, our scaffolding contractors combine the latest industry technology with long-practiced techniques to deliver superior results throughout all aspects of our work. This is why residents, tradesmen and business owners throughout the South East continue to choose us over other scaffolding companies. Whether erecting scaffolding, securing safety netting or carrying out crane services, customers in Crawley and the surrounding areas can count on first-class results. We provide the following services:



Call our company for scaffolding supply, erection, collection, dismantling or removal, we cover it all. Although we primarily work with commercial clients, our team is also happy to work with domestic customers in Crawley. Our scaffolding products include:


  • Access Scaffolding
  • Chimney Scaffolding
  • Façade Access Scaffold
  • Bespoke Scaffolding
  • Guttering Scaffolds
  • Industrial Scaffolding
  • Interior & Exterior Scaffold
  • Roofing Scaffolds
  • Support Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Towers
  • Edge Protectors
  • Scaffold Stairs & Staircases
  • Handrails & Hoists
  • Roof Ladders
  • Rubbish Chutes
  • Safety Barriers


Crane Services

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term crane services in London, Surrey or a nearby county, we are able to deliver crane hire with operator at a highly affordable rate. Crane hire is ideal for construction projects where heavy lifting is required, as well as where materials or objects need to be transported to hard-to-reach areas. We have an 85ft (26m) reach crane lorry, that we can move and transport anything from hot tubs to building waste.


Safety Netting

McQ Scaffolding Ltd is one of the only scaffolding companies in Crawley and in fact, the UK, to specialise in safety netting as well as scaffolding and crane services. Safety netting is often requested by our commercial and industrial customers who want to people and property on a construction site. Strong and resistant, scaffolding nets can be made custom to your project and are ideal for catching materials or equipment that may fall from height.

To find out more about our scaffolding, safety netting and crane services in Crawley, call McQ Scaffolding Ltd today on 07834 241 185 and speak to one of our scaffolding contractors.

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